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Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns

Understanding Terms

What is a Post-Consumer Recycled Gemstone? What is the difference with just "Recycled"?
Precious Gems and metals are materials that can be perpetually recycled.  Gems in the entire hardness spectrum can be repeatedly worked and polished to refurbish them anew, forever!

Any gem that re-enters the trade to be re-manufactured into jewelry is considered Recycled.  It can originate as unmounted from unsold jewelry closeouts or inventory clearance or directly from used jewelry by the consuming public.
Gems removed from jewelry previously owned and worn by a member of the public are considered Post-Consumer Recycled.  The older the jewelry and its gems, the better for its recycling and environmental value as it re-enters the trade.

Understanding Claims

What about "Conflict-Free" Kimberley Process compliant diamonds?
The term "Conflict" as it pertains to diamonds, is defined by the 2003 Kimberley Process Certification Scheme as 'rough diamonds used by rebel movements or their allies to finance conflict aimed at undermining legitimate governments'.  The Scheme aims at removing such "Conflict Diamonds" from entering the trade.

However and in spite of this first step at resolving the issues, the KP process fails to include many other forms of conflict such as corruption, human right abuses or environmental deterioration and it lacksthe definition lacks inclusion of the areas of diamond cutting and processing which can also report abuses to worker safety and pay.

Also worth noting is that the scope of term does not reach polished/processed diamonds.

Perpetuum Jewels does not source newly mined diamonds and therefore makes no claim directly or indirectly related to the KP Compliance Process or their definition of conflict-free diamonds. 

For further education on this definition, please consult

Environmental Concerns

What about Canadian and Australian Diamonds?
Currently, Canada is well regarded for their responsible management and oversight of their extractive industries.  The Canadian frozen tundra has been mining diamonds for many years now, while maintaining a high standard for environmental responsibility, healthy and safe working conditions and labor practices.
Unfortunately, the majority of diamonds extracted (with the exception of only a few trademarked operations) are mixed with other sources at cutting factories in India, China and other places where a system of chain of custody is not widely used nor robust enough, to maintain independent traceability of the Canadian material.
In result, the potential for lower standards of responsibility at foreign labor markets dilutes the original efforts at the source.

Australian diamonds similarly, while operating under high standards for extraction and processing, lacks manufacturing capacities equal to centers like India and China and looses control of responsible pracitces beyond the port of export.
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