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What it Means

Responsible Sourcing & Jewelry Industry

Rarely enough, consumers today do not immediately associate a wonderfully crafted piece of jewelry with environmental devastation, social injustice or unfair working conditions.  And they shouldn’t, because they trust that the intrinsic value they interpret with jewelry has a fair impact from mine to market, from origin to fabrication.
Sadly, our industry lags significantly behind other products in adopting the changes needed to guarantee that the precious materials are sourced with high respect to the environment and that fair labor practices and community protection policies are in place along their distribution.
Responsible Sourcing relates to the commitment to which jewelry industry stakeholders implement, demonstrate and document a system that guarantees:

  • materials are sourced with respect to the environment
  • policies are in place to protect and care for the labor communities involved
  • fair conditions are met along the distribution channels of the products and by-products of those materials
Truly responsibly sourced materials are obtained, handled and distributed by harmless practices.

Environmental Concerns

At mining sites, appropriate practices should guarantee that:
  • removal processes do not (or at least minimally) deplete water resources
  • Flora and Fauna habitats are not eradicated
  • Remediation solutions are planned and executed after depletion of the material or when the mining activity is suspended.

At jewelry fabrication sites, from small studio to large manufacturing, appropriate practices should guarantee that:
  • By-product and waste are disposed properly
  • Toxic material is handled and stored properly
  • Carbon footprint is minimized
  • Materials and resources are recycled when possible

Human & Social Concerns

All along the materials and fabrication pipeline, appropriate practices should guarantee that:
  • Job site environment and conditions do not adversely affect the well-being and health of labor workers
  • Protection from physical risk is equally accessible to all labor workers
  • Labor is of reasonable age, voluntary and of equal access to all genders.
  • Labor community is offered fair wages and access to fair market opportunities

Our Commitment

Responsible Sourcing is in Perpetuum Jewels’ DNA.

We are commited in the responsible sourcing movement not only by offering mindful products but also by actively participating in initiatives and discussion groups that can help the industry move towards a more fair and transparent market.
We invite you to read more about our 3rd-party Certifications, our efforts in giving back to mining communities and our involvement with trade organizations and non-profits that are aligned with our mission in Responsible Sourcing.
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