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Small Company + big dreams in Sustainability

= bigResponsibility

erpetuum Jewels was founded on the premise that the traditionally obscure paradigm of the jewelry industry is to be disrupted, not by large enterprise but by small community, grassroots efforts and independent voices.

Our Vision

A trade that is capable of informing every step of a gem's journey from mine to jewel.

A trade that guarantees adequate protection of natural resources, fair labor rights and opportunities to every human component in the distribution pipeline.

A more balanced profit equity for small mining communities.

Our Mission

Affect the view of traditional gem sourcing systems so that social and environmental responsibility are essential commitments of retailers and makers of jewelry. How?

  • Educating our current and prospective clients on the opportunities to use responsibly sourced gems to satisfy the needs of their end-consumers.
  • Stimulating business growth particularly in the offering of recycled precious materials.
  • Advising clients on the proper terminology and claims made in the responsible sourcing messaging.
  • Extending the network of active players in the responsible sourcing movement by connecting our industry peers, clients and colleagues.  

To be a pioneer in provenance data for recycled gems:

If the success of chain of custody systems in the gem industry relies on data collection, we want to make sure a point of provenance to recycled gems can be part of those systems.  All precious materials can be eternally repurposed, let's make sure data is always part of this practice in sustainability.

Our Claims

The information claims you find in this website, our social media and all other communications are consistent with our commitment to:

  • Follow the language and disclosure guidelines on provenance claims by our 3rd-party auditors.
  • Submit to the ethical principles of our trade associations and memberships.
  • Abide by the disclosure rules and KYC compliance of the USA Patriot Act.
The Responsible Sourcing movement was sparked by public inquiry.
It is then our highest priority to respond with clarity and a system of assurances so that every material, component and finished piece can communicate the same sentiments of the jewelry bearer: a symbol crafted of beauty and love.

Perpetuum Team

Perpetuum Jewels is a young company with a strong desire for growth.
Jay Moncada
Jay MoncadaFounder
3rd generation gems trader with roots in Colombia, birthplace of the world's finest Emeralds.
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