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Verify Your Perpetuum Jewels Gemstone

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As part of our certification, we must maintain auditable records of every post-consumer recycled gem purchased and the description of each additional step required to bring our gems back into the manufacturing market.  These steps include:
  • Evidence of origin by photography and microscope analysis
  • Recutting & repolishing
  • Lab grading
  • Mixing, matching or any other grouping
  • Any adjustments to size, weight and shape
Your stone has a unique ID which corresponds to an entry in our database of Post-Consumer Recycled Gemstones.  This ID is also used as its SCS Registration Number, which at every yearly audit is verified and confirmed by SCS Global Services.
This number ID may also appear on your Responsible Source Gemstone Report (if applicable) and when possible, laser-inscribed on the girdle of your gem.

This page is designed so that you can lookup your gem by its unique ID and verify its provenance, gemological attributes and quality.
To verify your gem, please enter the SCS Registration Number comunicated to you by your retailer/maker (or in your Responsible Gemstone Report) in the box below and hit search:

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