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Deco period #greatness

Antique Step Cuts
Lines and angles that aim to mirror opposing images. Architectural structures which balance simplicity of form and complexity of concept.  Thank goodness for Art Deco!
Step cuts in antiquity signaled a new approach at diamonds and their visual experience. Faceting had evolved beyond "forming" rough crystals and gave birth to Brilllianteering, an advanced detailing process in diamond polishing at the time.
Starting 1910s
Antwerp, London, Paris, New York
Other Names
Most common/popular:
Carre Cut
Emerald Cut
Baguette Cut
Asccher Cut
Shield Cut
Trapezoidal Step Cut
A "House of mirrors" effect in which large bands (non-rhomboidal) of reflecting light give the illusion of immense depth and cascading movement.  The light return and brightness levels emitted by each step are multiplied as your eye moves closer to the center of the gem.

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