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Antique Rose Cuts
Most early cuts were achieved by closely contouring the original form of the rough crystal. Rose Cuts were no exception but the faceting decisions are quite distinct. They are fashioned from flat rough crystals known as Mackles which lack the same dimensionality of octahedral rough and have growth planes which are longer in one direction. 
Rose Cuts have a concetric row of facets on top and no pavilion, so light passes right through the material without bouncing back to the eye causing them to be mostly see-through and "windowy".  Their appeal relies on light bouncing off the top facets and on their unique "spread" as seen in 16th century Indian Mogul jewelry and beyond.
As early as the 16th century
Originally India
Other Names
Dutch Rose, Holland Rose
6-facet Rose, 12-facet Rose, 18-facet Rose, Double Rose
Brilliance over scintillation, thanks to a flat reflective back and a dome of concentric triangular facets that meet at the top.

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