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Antique Peruzzi
Peruzzi Cuts signal the introduction of a third row of rhomboidal/triangular facets on the crown of a diamond.  A very distinctive departure from the English Square Cut, English Star Cut and the Mazarin Cut.  This fresh approach of achieving 58 'brilliant' facets is attributed to a Venetian lapidary named Vincenzo Peruzzi for his work during the 1600s and originally referenced in the text titled A Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls (David Jeffries, 1751).
Large Peruzzi Cuts in their original state are close to impossible to find so when we do, we are stricken with a 300-year old treasure!
As early as the mid 1600s into the 1700s
Originated in Venice and later introduced in Holland, Antwerp, London
Other Names
Triple Cut, Brilliant Cut
Brazilian Cut, Lisbon Cut
Nearly equal heights of both crown and pavilion produce a unique profile brilliance and prismatic Kozibe.
Untouched true antique Peruzzi Cuts display a highly contrasting shape resembling a maltese cross as seen through the table.  This effect is the visual result of the simplistic pavilion faceting (only 4 vertical facets) juxtaposed against rhomboidal/triangualr facets.

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